Tips & Tricks
  1. Never rub stains, blot them!
  2. Don’t iron stained or soiled clothes.
  3. Never put a garment away for a season without cleaning it.
  4. Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong artificial lights.
  5. Clean all matching pieces of an outfit together.
  6. Dry cleaning extends the life of a garment by reducing the wear and tear from a regular washing machine.
  7. Have suits dry cleaned every 2-3 wear to prevent oil and dirt build up around the collar and cuffs, remove wrinkles, and refresh the fabric.
  8. Dry clean your denim. It will help preserve the dye, keep the denim dark, and prevent fading.
  9. Plastic bags are provided to protect your garments until you get home. When you put away your clothes, we recommend storing them either uncovered or in fabric garment bags.
  10. Protect garments, especially silks, from excessive perspiration, as it can cause many dyes to discolor.
  11. Discuss all stains with us. Make sure to point out light-colored or invisible spills, such as those from sodas, fruit juices, or white wine.
  12. Dry cleaning utilizes more powerful, non-water based solutions that rid your garments of those stubborn, set-in stains.